The Fact Advisor is an
AI-module for websites to
ask + understand + advise
their web-visitors

more customers
help customers
understand customers
What our clients want

sell more /
more leads
+ 193% more leads
Porsche Holding

help their
+ more interactions

understand their customers
+ more detailed insights
The problem
ONLINE, almost no one pays
to you
Web-visitors average attention span:

The solution… until now:
“Just buy more ads!”

Simply buying more ads does not work any longer.
Costs for online ads have increased 42–89% compared to last year.

President of Belardi Wong
Forbs 2022
The same is true for social media.
People feel there is a lack of authentic content.

The solution

We believe, the solution is to

Have meaningful interactions with your website's visitors.

Where you ask + understand + advise your visitors.

  • Learn what their needs are.
  • Predict what they want.
  • Help them.
…with the help of an AI

Let’s see it in action: