How We Work

How could the path to an AI-solution in your company look like?

Example: Guided selling solution

Example: Guided selling solution


  • Matchmaking & Concept: At Fact AI, we take the time to work out a concept which fully matches your needs.
  • Data Aggregation: The data looks different in every project. We take care that your data achieves its full potential for your guided selling solution.
  • Interface (optional): We develop an innovative and responsive interface based on the latest web technologies. We are also prepared to integrate into any existing  interfaces using the AI via a restful API.
  • AI-Training: The AI is a self-learning system that is trained using: historical data, training examples or reinforcement learning. AI predictions are often combined with rules or filters (eg. price range).

Continuous: AI as a service

  • Analyse performance: For every sales solution it is very important to review KPIs and take future actions accordingly. Our guided selling solution also generates user insights that are a major business intelligence contribution.
  • AI-Fine-Tuning: Based on the results in the performance analysis, the AI is fine-tuned to target new goals and improve on the existing ones.

Reference projects for guided selling: Original+, Audi, VW, Weltauto, Faie

Example: Real time big data analysis solution

Real time big data analysis solution Time series analysis / Industry 4.0 / IoT


  • Matchmaking & Concept: We evaluate your digital transformation strategy and work out a concept that fits your specific needs.
  • Setup Big Data Stack: If your data stack is not already up and running, we do the setup for you or offer guidance. We take care of data processing and enrichment if necessary.


  • AI Based Predictions: We offer AI as a service for your big data stack. Classical use-cases are: Predictive Maintenance, Outlier Detection and Classification.
  • Reporting & Data Visualization: It is important that your data can be used company wide. We setup an interface which ensures that every department gets insights into the data and also non-technicians are able to use it.

Development principles

  • Containerisation
  • Agile development
  • Continuous integration
  • Test-driven development
  • Contribution and usage of Open-Source-Technologies

Cooperation with partner companies and institutions

We are a growing company – well equipped to bring a  network of experts and companies into the project.

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Technology Stack

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